New Book Release - The Pray-ers Vol 2
New Book Release - The Pray-ers Vol 2
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The Johnstown Tragedy "God In Its Midst" (Digital)
The Johnstown Tragedy "God In Its Midst" (Digital)
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The Johnstown Tragedy "God In Its Midst" (Digital)

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The Johnstown Tragedy "God In Its Midst"


Hello, my name is Nesah, (pronounced NEH-su, E as in net, u as in up) and I am honored to write this forward for one of my Guardian Angels, Hael (pronounced hay-EL, a as in Day, E as in net). I am his immediate supervisor and an undersecretary to Michael the Archangel.

It is with great honor, great pleasure, and even greater trepidation that I write this forward. Many of us were concerned when the author of The Pray-ers introduced Hael, one of our fellow angels to the world in 2016. While we are proud of him and grateful to our Lord for allowing this author to give some insights into Hael's life as a Guardian Angel, we were also fearful that a book like this would occur, bringing unwarranted focus upon us, rather than on the Lord as it belongs.

However, the Creator of heaven and earth has given His approval for this book, so it is with great pleasure and much editing that I introduce to you one of the many challenges we have as Guardian Angels. One of the challenges has been one we did not consider. Hael, in his zeal, has shared a few things that our editors are uncomfortable with and so they have redacted those words from Hael's. But to keep Hael's thoughts shared with you, we have chosen to show the redacting as follows: redacted.

We hope you will understand.

Hael will tell you his story of an incredible tragedy that happened nearly one and a half mortal centuries ago in the United States of America. I am not sure why Hael chose this tragedy, there are and have been many all over the world during these last 6000 years that he could have chosen. I believe that he chose this because the majority of this book is made up by a book in the public domain that he was able to use and not have to write everything from scratch.

We may be angels, but there are some things that we must do as slowly as, well, mortal people. Nevertheless, all of us here in heaven, on the Guardian Angel side, are honored to have you read this.

We would ask you only one thing.

Be good Bereans' and compare everything that you read from Hael to the Word of God. Approximately two-thirds of the book is from 1889 and the rest is from Hael. You will instantaneously see which parts are Hael's because he will begin those sections with his name and then a brief tease, I.E. "HAEL, CHRISTLIKE BRAVERY"

As of the writing of this foreword, they are also considering italicizing all of the parts added to the original book. I would like to say 'enjoy the book' but I cannot, for it will be a painful book to read. What I will say though, is that this sobering book should cause your "trust-muscle" to be strengthened as you trust God Almighty to strengthen your faith in the midst of tragedies.



Immediate Supervisor to Hael and

Undersecretary to Michael the Archangel

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