New Book Release - The Pray-ers Vol 2
New Book Release - The Pray-ers Vol 2
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Divided Together (Digital)
CTM Publishing

Divided Together (Digital)

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A novel about Political Intrigue, Church Anger, a Little Romance, and Passionate Politics 

Do not put your trust in princes (Psalm 146:3a).

And tolerating those who vote differently than you

If your political passion, hinders your relationship with your Christian brother or sister, you are wrong. . .even if you’re right. (The Author)

And a MOST-UNLIKELY villain

A Novel with Political Intrigue and Angry Church Friends.
Husband and wife, Jude & Issy, are the Religion Consultants for opposing Presidential candidates. The characters are fictional, but the story is not.

“So Jude supports the wrong candidate. That makes you more spiritual than him?”

As a backstory, across these pages, Judas Iscariot will recount the last 10 months of Jesus’ life. And his, not so flattering portrayal, will be combined with modern cyber-crimes, the FBI, surveillance by Homeland Security, a little romance, and political passion. And the villain? Well, let’s just say the villain comes from a very trusted profession.

It's a novel with a message: Our unity is in Christ; NOT our politics.

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